Agent Disco

Agent Disco is an independent games developer and the creator of the mobile spy game, The Null Society.

About Us

There once was a small boy whose father gave him a computer in 6th grade. It was 1981. The boy was eleven.

The boy created his first game that year: a MUD, of sorts. He hooked it up to a modem. Players dialed-in (albeit, one at a time), created characters, explored dungeons, fought monsters, discovered treasure and leveled-up - all in the glorious high resolution of a text adventure. The boy went on to make many such games until finally he founded Agent Disco and released The Null Society.

The boy's name is Omar. He's fun. Rather geeky, to be honest. But a good guy. You should play his games.



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The Null Society

The Null Society started as a series of story premises more than 10 years ago. The characters reflect pieces of Omar's life, people he has known and events he has witnessed. The characters have grown a great deal in the last 10 years. Coincidentally, so has Omar.

The game is a RPG about two groups of spies that travel the world uncovering valuable Intel. It is currently available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Please check it out on Apple's App Store!